Service Desk & National Operations Centre (NOC)

Service Desk & National Operations Centre (NOC)

Our Service Desk is the central point of contact and management for all ICT related and other in-scope tickets for our clients. It operates on a 24x7x365 basis and provides comprehensive services to clients throughout Australia and internationally.

We provide a personalised service for our clients by ensuring we:

  • Understand your business and expectations of the Service Desk
  • Keep end-users informed and meet the commitments we make
  • Provide a seamless service to end-users and maintain high-levels of satisfaction


1. Understanding Your Business

All new Service Desk team members undergo a thorough induction to ensure they understand Frontline’s service values, processes and client outcomes. As part of introducing a new team member or a new client, we run a detailed, client-specific induction to ensure our team understands your business, operations, locations and service expectations. Where practical, we recommend that this induction includes a site visit to reinforce the induction and give invaluable first-hand experience.

2. Dedicated Team

To ensure familiarity and continuity, a dedicated
core team is assigned to each client. By default, all incoming contacts are directed to team members who are familiar your business, ICT environment and expectations. Our goal is for your staff to feel like they are working with an extension of your organisation.

3. Closure on First Contact

We understand that users like to have their tickets resolved as quickly as possible. Our overarching focus is on maximising closure on first contact, a capability which is underpinned by our client-centric knowledge base.

4. Call Ownership and Management

When a request or incident cannot be resolved on
first contact we maintain ownership until closure. Regardless of whether it is escalated to internal resolver groups or a third-party, we track it against SLAs and follow-up as required, keeping the end-user informed as to the task’s progress.

5. Knowing Your Environment

We invest significant time into the ongoing development of our knowledge base which is heavily leveraged across our entire service portfolio. Our knowledge base includes both client-specific knowledge as well as technology-centric tips and solutions.

Maximising the use of the knowledge base drives efficiency, reduces close time, and leads to improved end-user satisfaction.