Frontline Services Welcome Lee Darracott to the Team

Lee Darracott

If you Google Lee Darracott of course you will find him on LinkedIn as the Sales Manager for Frontline Services in the top search results.

Scroll down a few lines down and you’ll see another Lee Darracott – a professional baseball player for the San Francisco Giants. Typically you would ignore this search result as another person with the same name!

But we can tell you, Lee – the ex-professional baseball player and our new Sales Manager – are one and the same!

Originally from Canada, Lee relocated to Australia about 12 years ago with his family! Behind his batting and fielding skills, Lee is a sales, business development and customer relations leader.

With over five years of experience working in the hardware and software industry Lee has successfully created results in companies such as Konica Minolta, Sage Media Group and Scope Business Imaging.

As all of our clients, partners and future businesses will work closely with Lee, we thought we’d take five to find out more about Lee and his vision for our customers at Frontline Services.

Frontline Services: Lee, thanks for taking the time to share your story more! Let’s start with the elephant in the room. How does one move from professional baseball to sales, business development and customer experience?

Lee Darracott: My baseball career took me to many different places all over the world which forced me to talk to all sorts of people, try new experiences and get out of my comfort zone. I feel it’s that life experience that has made me relatable to most people and given me strong communication skills which is key to customer service. I enjoy getting to know our customers both on a professional and personal level. At the end of the day that’s sales. It’s listening to what the customer wants, building that trust, and then delivering on that promise.

Frontline Services: What attracted you about working with Frontline Services and supporting our clients?

Lee: First and foremost it’s the people here. They are all very smart and very good at what they do. The opportunity to come in and drive new sales with a company that has such a strong reputation makes my job very easy. The team behind me does all the hard work. My job is to simply educate our new customers on our skills & capabilities and the team does the rest.

Frontline Services: What are the top three things you are excited for 2021 with Frontline Services?

Lee Darracott:

  1.  Events- Frontline Technology Services will be running monthly events in 2021 which I am very excited about. This will give us an opportunity to deliver relevant content to our customers and prospects while reaching more people than ever before.
  2. Growth – Frontline is growing at a rapid pace. 2020 was a challenging year for everyone but Frontline managed to survive and thrive. I have zero doubts that 2021 will be our best year yet and am very excited to see what that looks like.
  3. New Technology – as an early adopter of the latest and greatest technologies, I look forward to seeing what new solutions we adopt and bring to our customers.

Frontline Services: What do you see are some of the most important goals and requirements for a great customer experience?

Lee Darracott: It’s simple really. They need to feel heard and they need to feel special. It’s more than just providing a service. We want our customers to feel like we go above and beyond for them. We want to challenge them constantly by bringing new ideas and solutions forward. Long lasting partnerships is what we strive for and that’s something that’s earnt over years of doing the right thing and delivering on our promises.

Frontline Services: Lastly, for all baseball players and fans out there, do you have any secret or successful tips on batting and fielding?

Lee Darracott: Practice, Practice, Practice. I know it seems like a really simple answer but it’s true, especially in baseball. I have a 6 year old son who has taken up teeball and over the past 6 months I have seen him improve dramatically. We go in the backyard as much as we can and he just practices hitting off a tee over and over again for hours on end. Even professional players hit off a tee every single day. Repetition is huge in baseball and I can’t recommend it enough. The harder you work, the more it pays off and that goes with anything in life. If you wanna be the best, you have to work the hardest.

Thanks Lee for taking the time to share with us your personal journey and also what you’ll be focussing on at Frontline Services for our clients, businesses and partners.

If you would like to get in touch with Lee for more information (or for more baseball tips), send him an email or contact him directly at our Leederville office.