St Barbara Limited

St Barbara Limited, a major Australian gold miner, was seeking to enter into a new ICT Managed Services arrangement with the objectives of improving service quality, flexibility and value through more effective contractual levers and governance.

“I was delighted to partner with Frontline Services in assisting St Barbara to successfully select a strategic Managed Services partner. The work was underpinned with a collaborative approach and supported by Frontline’s deep and relevant industry experience.” – Andrew Fisher, Manager Technology and Applications

Frontline Services was contracted to assist the ICT and Procurement teams in achieving this outcome through:

  • Assistance inthe Creation of a new Scope of Work to better define in the service provider’s responsibilities under the contract
  • Assist in designing the SLA’s to ensure they align with the organisation’s strategic objectives and promote ongoing service improvement
  • Assistance in delivering a more flexible service and commercial model to support the ICT transformation strategy
  • Provide input and advice into the tender format
  • Assistance in creation of a tender response scoring model that allowed for easy comparison between the various respondent offerings and pricing models
  • Assistance with assessment of the tender responses and guidance on the due diligence process.

Frontline Services was able to draw on its broad experience within both customer and service provider organisations to provide a balanced approach to procurement that took into account the drivers and needs of St Barbara Limited and the RfT respondents. The services were completed within the specified timeframe and enabled our client to meet the objectives of the RfT process.