Joe Ruggero

Director Principal

Joe is Frontline’s Technical Director. He originally came from a strong electrical and instrumentation background with a heavy focus on process control systems in the mining industry and on/offshore oil and gas installations. His technical background, aptitude and focus on doing ‘IT right’ means he is recognised for delivering practical technical solutions and architectures, in WA, nationally and across the globe. Joe was the Lead Solutions Architect for Empired Limited for 12 years. Joe is integral to Frontline developing advanced infrastructure solutions, which deliver leading edge capabilities for end user desktop mobility, site to site connectivity and centralised infrastructure with robust, distributed services.

Joe has delivered projects in the Middle East, South East Asia, Asia and Africa for a number of clients with focus on overcoming obstacles quickly and effectively without compromising standards or solution integrity.

As the IT industry moves in to new territory, Joe is heavily focussed in providing sound readily supportable solutions that maximise client investment and agility while reducing ongoing effort required to support them. Joe has a large breadth of knowledge ranging from underlying network to end-user applications and sound experience with the majority of the larger vendor offerings such as Microsoft, Nutanix, HP, Cisco, Vmware and Netapp. Joe has key interests and expertise in Cloud hybrid solutions, Microsoft (Hypervisor, Applications and End User Computing), Nutanix Converged infrastructure and Silver Peak WAN acceleration.

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